Week 7 Post

Hi Student Bloggers,

For this weeks task, I have decided to tell you a bit about the fun things in my school. We have lots of fun concerts, carnivals, sports days and casual days. Each year, we have a grandparents day concert where we have singing and breakfast, a Christmas concert where we sing christmas songs and we have a new girls day concert, where we tell the girls about our school. We have a cool swimming carnival and a sports day where we do lots of races and it is lots of fun. One of the fun things that we have at our school are casual days. Sometimes they are dress up or sometimes they are just casual. One of the casual days was crazy hair where you make your hair look crazy and weird. Another time was disney characters. I went as piglet. Each casual day we bring in cupcakes and cookies. Sometimes I bring toffee.

I Hope you enjoyed my post and I hope that you learnt a bit about my school.


Week 4 Post

Hi Student Bloggers!

For this weeks challenge, I have decided to tell you 10 fun facts about me.

1- I live in Australia.

2- I have a brother who is 13 and his name is Hayden. I also have a younger sister who is 7 and her name is Emma.

3- I am getting a puppy named Duggee in 14 days ( 25th of November )

4- I am 11 years old

5- I like to spend time at my holiday house near the river

6- I have a huge obsession with watermelons. So much so that I have 7 watermelon candles, 3 watermelon pillows, a watermelon blanket, a watermelon basket and a watermelon bed sheet.

7- I love to kneeboard and wakeboard. I also like to surf but I don’t do it very often.

8-  I am in year 6 going into year 7 soon

9-  I play netball, basketball, lacrosse and soccer

10- I have been to Japan, Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne

Thats 10 fun facts about me that you probably didn’t know.


Thanks for reading!



Global School Play Day Post

Hi Student Bloggers!

This is my Global School Play Day Post (GSPD)


What are some games that you play during recess?

– Some games that I like to play at recess are = Chasey and wall tag where you have to tag people that are standing on a wall.

Is it summer or winter where you live? how does the weather affect your game?

– In Australia right now it is spring. So when we usually play games, it is perfect weather.

At our school, we make up lots of different games for eg- wall tag

Thanks for reading and I hope that you try to make lots of fun and creative games!


My poem about a picture

This is Gabe, he likes lemonade,
He also likes steak but usually eats cake,
Gabe isn’t quite the thinnest child,
Although he is extremely wild,
You know Gabe, he likes lemonade,

So that’s gabe, he likes lemonade,
He likes it sticky,
He likes it sweet,
He likes it just before he’s treat
Gabe is a greedy pig,
That is why he is so big,
You know gabe he likes lemonade

One day Gabe, who likes lemonade,
Went to the shops with his good mum jade,
His good mum jade said to Gabe,
“Too much sugar, my darling gabe”
Gabe didn’t know, just what to say
But you know Gabe, he likes lemonade,

One night gabe, who likes lemonade,
Was trying to sleep when he heard a loud beep,
He was tossing and turning until he could sleep no more,
So he got out of bed and to the fridge door,
He got the lemonade and had a sip,
Had another and another until he felt sick,
He got wider and wider and as big as a cloud,
And that’s just then when he heard a loud sound,
And that’s gabe who likes img_0592lemonade

Thats me!

BANG CRASH! That’s how I woke up this morning. Wondering what it was, I raced into the kitchen to find my little sister Charlie trying to do the dishes. She is so annoying! There were pots and pans on the floor everywhere.  The noise she was making was as loud as an elephant stomping on the roof! “your going to wake up mum and dad’’ I said.  Thats when I heard my dad coming. Because I didn’t want to be in an argument, I went back into my room and looked out my window and saw the daisies dancing in the breeze. I think I fell asleep because I woke up again when my mum was knocking on my door. she was telling me to get ready for school. I love school. I love the maths, the writing and everything. It just makes me feel at home. I don’t want to brag but I am really really good at maths. So that’s me. A girl with an annoying little sister and a girl that loves maths and school. Oh yeah and some day, I want to be a… I cant tell you because I ran out of words. Continue reading

Creative Commons

Did you know that when you get things off the internet and put them onto your blog, you are doing something illegal. The creative commons licence (CC) was made by Lawrence Lessig so that you can make it legal to get things from the internet, and put them on to something of yours. What you do is add a licence to whatever you are taking off the internet. there are 6 types of creative commons licences.

Attribution is when someone can do whatever they want with the picture/video/sound, as long as they credit the owner of it.

Attribution-share alike. this is when you can remix, distribute and build upon the picture. Even for commercials. As long as they credit the original creators and other people involved.

Attribution- no derivatives. This licence lets others distribute the work. even for commercial proposes. As long as they credit the original creators and other people involved.

Attribution- Non Commercial. this licence lets others distribute,remix and build upon the work. They can only do this if it is for non commercial work, and they credit the original creators.

Attribution-Non Commercial -share alike. This licence lets others distribute, remix and build upon the work, but only if it is for non-commercial purposes, and they credit the original creators and they license their work under the same terms.

Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives.

This licence is the most important of the six main licences, This licence is often called the ‘free advertising’ licence because it lets others to download and share the work as long as they credit the original creators, and they don’t change the material in any way and they don’t use it commercially

september 8

september 8 2016

My Avatar

My avatar has butterfly wings, a tail, some white fluffy ears, which are very, very cute, and even some deer horns. I definitely don’t have them!

My avatar’s personality is very happy and cheerful. She is also very loud like me.

This is what she looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.45.34 PM